Wanting experienced Insulation Installers/Scopers for Te Anau who want to be treated well

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You probably have had a nightmare experience installing for insulation companies before right???? Well you want to give us a go you will be pleasantly surprised!! I pay on the quote not on bails installed….I do not over work my people and look after you. I expect people with a high service work ethic who really take pride in your work and capable of scoping as well as auditing on the job while installing.We only want people experienced at the moment sorry….as we need to hit the ground running! The **Right** attitude will get you far in my business! 🙂

Each person must have reliable car and tow bar…(van a bonus)..this opportunity would suit people who want flexibility and give flexibility paid as contractors. Days of work would be between Mon to Fri only and you balance other incomes when work is quieter. You may be mowing lawns, firewood or some other work so this is not your only source of income as the work is sporatic yet when it is full on it is full on….you would always know a week ahead if not two too plan your work or study around. We do not work after 5.30 unless you had to travel or a massive deadline on the odd occasion. You must commit to at least two-three days work minimum a week when work is on and for the whole year.

Do not reply if you have not worked fulltime in insulation for a professional company at least 12 months minimum….there will be background checks ….This could suit a couple if one is very experienced in insulation as work together and could quickly train the other up……otherwise we want two experienced people who can work together. You must be physically fit and capable of underfloor work and ceiling. This means not claustrophobic and can physically fit underfloors!

Interested?? Do not hesitate…..!

1.Email me your cv or basics who you are currently working for and an insulation bosses cell number for a ref check….dunbarjanine@gmail.com

2.Then text me I shall call you back on 027 78 98 788.

Do not text if you do not have insulation experience working for a professional insulation company or have been a builder installing.

Sorry this is not an opportunity at this time for us training you up…. we need people already to go!!!