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We choose Mammoth™ Polyester R1.5 insulation because quite simply it’s purrrrfect for your underfloor!

Mammoth Underfloor Insulation

The team at Dunbar’s Insulation are specialists when it comes to underfloor insulation for NZ homes and properties. Our insulation products are ideal for all areas of your home, including under your bathroom or sink as our products do not hold onto moisture or become affected by it, or as underfloor insulation for wooden floors. All our insulation comes with a fifty-year guarantee.

We stock Mammoth underfloor insulation, and use qualified underfloor insulation installers to make sure any draughts are reduced. Mammoth insulation will no sag or compress over time, and are produced in near zero-waste conditions and made from fully recyclable products. Contact us today!

Some Key Features of Mammoth Insulation

  • Mammoth™ Polyester Insulation for the underfloor. R1.5 is 100mm thick or R1.8 is 115mm thick.
  • Mammoth has a 50 year manufacturer’s guarantee, Branz certified, and it will not sag or compress over time and is not affected by moisture.
  • Recycling plastic protects the environment by keeping the carbon content locked up in the polyester fibre and reducing landfill waste.
  • Mammoth™ products are made in a near zero waste production process and all products are fully recyclable.
  • Mammoth™ underfloor insulation products are easy to handle and install.


Picture the under floor of your house snuggled up in a rather large tucked in and stapled duvet! Yes Mammoth™ Blanket is just like a duvet polyester inner however made of such a special consistency, along with recycled materials it does not get mouldy or hold onto moisture at all, unlike if we try put our own duvets under the house! Just perfect for if you have a leak or flood under the bathroom or sink as it will not hold onto the actual moisture or be affected by it thus the 50 year guarantee. We choose the Mammoth™ Blanket style of insulation where professional installers staple the under floor along the joists too reduce any draughts and eliminate any insulation popping out. See a Mammoth™ Blanket under floor photo example taken and installed by our Insulation Installer’s recently.

Yes! you are right, it is more time reliant to install for us, however stapling ensures the insulation stays in place to keep the draughts out. 12-14% of our homes heat loss is through the underfloor. Our labour is not worked out by time, ensuring you get the best possible service and options at an affordable price. The best part is, it helps keep the costs lower for you which is one of our main priorities along with recommending the best Eco Insulation products such as Mammoth™ Blanket Underfloor R1.5. Did I mention our Hassle-Free service?

Ground Vapour Barrier

Ground Vapour Barrier is Black Polythene installed on the ground in the underfloor area.

Ground vapour barrier Underfloor Insulation

  • Meets the NZ building standard of 250 microns per m2.
  • Ideal to cover damp ground.
  • Helps stop dampness entering your home.
  • Extra layer of protection helping reduce mould and dampness entering your home to improve the health of your family.
  • Tapes to piles correctly with 200mm overlap of material.
  • 200mm of material goes up piles.


Our Top Notch Knauf and Mammoth insulation lasts, 50 years durability, is allergy friendly, has a high “R” value and is great value.

Call us today and one of our expert assessors will be able to take a look and see if you need ground barrier and inform you the condition of your under floor and make affordable recommendations.

Ph 027 78 98 788 or fill out our Contact form for a Free Home Insulation Assessment.